White Oak Pond Natural Resources Inventory Completed

A natural resource inventory of the White Oak Pond Watershed was recently completed and a final report has been published.


The natural resource inventory of the White Oak Pond Watershed was completed in December, 2020 and it's final report released.


The inventory was conducted by Ecosystem Management Consultants (EMC) began fieldwork on this project in the spring and early summer of 2020, and completed the mapping work in the fall of 2020. During this eight month period, data was gathered from a variety of field and remote sources on the diversity and quality of the natural resources of the nearly three thousand acre watershed.


From the report:

"White Oak pond represents one of the most significant sub‐watersheds of Squam Lake. It includes 2951 acres of aggrading forest land that purifies 44 inches of snowmelt and precipitation per year, which flows through two perennial and seven intermittent tributaries into the pond itself."


Read the full report to discover the wealth of information it contains.