WOPWA Business


The business of the White Oak Pond Watershed Association (WOPWA) is guided by a board of directors who are elected by the membership.  The current board of directors and officers are listed on the Contact page.


Committees are created by the board of directors to address various ongoing and special issues.  There is a standing committee for Water Quality which performs water quality testing on a regular basis.  More information about water quality testing and water quality data can be found on the Water Quality Monitoring page.  Other committees are the Membership Committee and the Mary Perry Conservation Fund Committee.  Additional information about the Mary Perry Conservation Fund can be found on the MPF Land Conservation Fund page.


The organization holds an Annual Meeting each summer for all members and the Board of Directors meets several times a year, or as needed.  Minutes and agendas  are recorded and available for review.


Water Quality and Land Conservation - 2021


In April, 2021, the Board of Directors met to discuss the findings of the recently completed White Oak Pond Natural Resource Inventory and its finding with regards to water quality and to discuss the proposed Howard lot subdivision within the watershed, on Lane Road.


On the topic of water quality, the board discussed board members taking a leadership role in the participation of the NH Lakes 'Lake Smart' program.  On the topic of the proposed Howard subdivision, the board voted to draft and present a letter with their concerns to the planning board.  The letter is available here.


The Board of Directors also met on June 1, 2021, to further discuss the proposed Howard subdivision and voted to retain the services of a legal expert as an advocate for WOPWA's concerns in the planning board approval process.


See the minutes of April 29, 2021 and June 1, 2021 for additional details.


Dam Repairs - 2014/2015


Beginning on November 5th 2014, there was a drawdown of the water level of the pond "to inspect the dam and make repairs to the White Oak dam".  In mid-December, the water was low enough that the town built a cofferdam so that they could inspect the very bottom of the dam. There is damage to the bottom of the dam and the culvert under Rt. 3 may need additional work from the state.  The damage at the dam is rapid leaking. The following is the 'White Oak Pond Dam Inspection Update' from Walter Johnson to the Town of Holderness Selectboard on December 15th, 2014:

"The dam has been dammed up with the cofferdam to allow inspection. Repairs will be done next August-September.  The wooden components of the dam have worn and do not allow for proper seating. The culvert that carries water under Shepard Hill Road has deteriorated and may need repair also.  The State will have to  address its box culvert under Rte. 3.  The next step is to refill the Pond."


In June, 2015, representatives from WOPWA met with Walter Johnson and submitted this summary of the meeting.


The topic was also discussed at the June 27, 2015 WOPWA Board Meeting and details of the discussion can be found in the minutes from that meeting (right sidebar).  Some further clarification on water rights and WOPWA's role in the process of the dam repair has also provided  at the request of the board at the June meeting by Bruce Falby and is available here.

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