The White Oak Pond Watershed Association (WOPWA) is an organization which was established to promote the conservation of the natural, scenic and historic resources of the watershed, and to protect the quality of the waters and tributaries of the Pond. It was founded in 1973 by Mary Perry for the purpose of promoting conservation of natural and fragile areas around the pond and its watershed that were not adequately covered by the Squam Lakes Association (SLA).


The WOPWA by-laws state: "The object for which this corporation is established is to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants in and adjacent to the watershed of the White Oak Pond: (1) the conservation of the natural resources of the land, water, marshland, woodland and open spaces, and the plant and animal life therein; (2) the maintenance of the unique scenic and historic sites;and (3) the protection of the waters of White Oak Pond and its tributaries."


WOPWA membership is open to anyone, although those in the watershed are especially encourage to join, since their contribution and interest will help preserve the beauty of this natural resource.  Explore this brief overview about White Oak Pond and WOPWA activities and learn more by exploring this website.


One can join the association by downloading and completing a membership form.